Kalaimamani K.Rajamanikkam

Thiru K.Rajamanikkam studied in V.G.B.H.S.S villianur from 1974 to 1979. Then he pursued higher education. As he was interested in fine arts(Music, Bharatanatyam). He studied degree course in Music(Isaimamuni) at Annamalai University, Chidambaram. he founded the dance school called " Sangeetha Salangai Natyalaya in Pondicherry which has been imparting music and dance to innumerable students for 20 years

He conducted dance and music performances in France, German, Switzerland and Denmark

He saw many students perform their first stage appearances (ARANGERRAM) ub Bharata Natyam

Art Lovers have appreciated his Dance Dramas widely. He has conducted music and dance programs all over India in an awe-inspiring manner

He acted as the nominated member of the Delhi music and dance academy. He had also been a member of southern cultural centre.

At present he is the director of the department of art and culture in Aditya Vidyashramam higher secondary school, Poraiyur, Pondicherry

The awards he has received so far have been scheduled here


Kalaimamani Govt of Pondicherry
Isaimamani Annamalai University
Sevarathna Sankar dass swamigal forums for drama
Isaithendral Siva temple France
Palkalai-Sithar Pulavara Pattabiraman villisai Troupe
Natana kalai Semmal Parendar Bandhi Dhasam Art Troupe
Natiya Kala Sironmani Yoganjali Natyalya
Asthana Vidwan Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt

He dedicates his achievements to his Alma mater V.G.B.H.S.S villianur

Know a Gem

Sri M.Karthikeyan was born on 22nd November 1972, at Kottaimedu in Villianur commune of Puducherry Union Territory as the younger son to the couple Thiru.Muthukrishnan and Tmt.Rathinambal who were struggling hard to keep the wolf off

In the Tea-stall run by his parents Karthikeyan did odd jobs and also managed to study in our school, He passed his +2Exam in 1990-91 from our school.

Then he pursued a certificate course in Agriculture. Besides he got a diploma in catering technology

During his school days itself Karthikeyan was very much interested in rending school service, which urge made him become a Volunteer in ARIVOLI MOVEMENT (A movement for Universal literacy) in Puducherry. He was also an active member of Puducherry science Forum for more than ten years

He is also well-versed in the art of magic. He has been presenting Magic Shows for more than ten years successfully.

For this purpose he had been to Bihar, Yenam, Karaikal, Virudhunagar, Aruppukottai, Trichi and all over Puducherry. His magic shows are mainly performed for school students. He sees his magic shows help a lot to inculcate scientific temper and awakeners in students that makes him unique

Karthikeyan is also a successful practioner of puppetry

Thiru.Karthikeyan and a few of his friends founded the MUTHU RATHINAM CHESS CLUB and he was nominated its secretary. To encourage the students and elicit their hidden talents the CLUB organizes competitions for students of all levels every year

His magic shows take place in schools here and Tamilnadu every none and then.

We extend our best wished to him to continue his fruitful service to the society especially to the student community

The art of puppetry

The Tamilians have been outstanding in all walks of life since the very SANGAM AGE. The art of Puppetry is an example for their prominence in technology, One cannot help wondering when one comes to know about the skills involved in the practice of this ancient art. It is really a wonder that they tanned the animal skin and made the puppets.

When we come to know that the art of puppetry is the harbingers to the cinema, we are really proud of our Tamil race. In those days the puppetry artists were well-respected and patroned by kings, and decorated the court. Puppetry there was a mass medium the art helped the ruler as well as the common people to promote mutual understanding between them

Mention had been made about the art of Puppetry in the Silappathikaram itself which dates back to first century A.D. This is an example for the antiquity of this art.

Incourse of time various types of puppetry evolved in various parts of India. The type emerged in our region is the best among them and it disseminates our culture unique to our region

This great art is now almost at the verge of extinction. To rejuvenate this art Thiru N.Dandapani, headmaster G.P.S. villianur with his team learnt this art, they give performances is puppetry on every available opportunity, Here are few activities of the team towards the rejuvenation of the art of puppetry.
1. Use of the Art of puppetry in teaching -This is a training for teachers
2. Teaching this art to students.
3. Creating awareness among people through puppetry
4. Conducting certificate course in the art of puppetry
5. To help and ameliorate the puppetry artists who are in abject poverty

We really appreciate the efforts initiated by MR.N.Danda pani and his team for the rejuvenation of the art of puppetry from almost extinction

A Maestro of Percussion

Puduvai kalai mamani P.Kumar Thavil Vidwan

Thiru P.Kumar was born at Kottaimedu, in villianur commune of Pondicherry state as the younger son of the couple Thiru Pazhani and Tmt.Lakshmi. His father was a percussionist.(Thavil Vidwan)

His Birth in the family of music practioners and the poverty he had to face in his boyhood were the two catalysts that saw him discontinue his studies. He could study only VIII standard.

In 1989, Thiru Kumar started to learn the art of playing the percussion instrument called THAVIL from Vidwan Puduvai Krishnamurthy in the GURUKULAM method. He was also taught by Thiru Nallakumar Pillai of Iluppur, Lecturer in Music, Annamalai University, Chidambaram for three years and thus he completed formally his learning the art of playing Thavil.

He made his debut in the 2004, when he presented a program called Thalapatharangam over All India Radio Pondicherry in which he played solo in THAVIL

The program was a big hit. Besides he has also been performing his auspicious and NADALAYA MUSIC SANGAMAM (Fusion) renderings over D.D.Puducherry and Private Television Channels

In recognition of his service to the art of percussion, Villianur S.M.V Puram Murugan Temple Management Conferred him the title of “THAVILLISAI VIDWAMANI”

In 2008 K.Ramalingam a teacher in Kamban Nagar honored him with the title “THAVILLAYAGNANA SWARUPA MAMANI”

In 2009 Sri Sankardars Swamigal Iyal Isai Nataka Saba Puduvai awarded him “SANGEETHA SEVA RATHNA” title

In 2010 His holiness sri Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt. Honored him by declaring him as the Favourite Percussionist(Asthana Vidwan) of Sri Kanchi Mutt.

On 16.8.2011, the management of Sri Ezhai Mariamman temple, Villianur praised him by awarding him the title “THAVILLISAI MURASU” to Thiru.Kumar

In appreciation of the above achievements of Thiru.Kumar in the art of Percussion the Govt. of Puducherry itself conferred him the coveted title “KALAIMAMANI”

Thiru Kumar has admires in the other states too

It is really a matter of pride that Sri Kumar, the reputed and renowned percussionist is an alumnus of our school. We also join to felicitate him

Hats off to Kumar

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